Friday, December 16, 2005

Greeting to the world!

Hello friends all around the world :). That is true. After a lot of opposition, I decided to create a blog trying to write interesting things and some others about myself and family. To create a blog is not a big decision, but I'm sure my new friends from INdT have stimulated me to do it.

As many people already know, Lidia and I are going to have a baby, a boy that will definitely change our life in a positive pattern, just as every relatives feel. Maybe this is an additional motivation for this blog.

BTW, melunko means Melo, this is just a nickname to my surname.

Sorry my Linux colleagues, I'm typing in my notebook running Windows. Besides, this blog is not under GPL license, so don't copy or distribute any information published here, auauauauauauau

God bless you, and be happy!